This world premiere is the result of a two-year collaboration between Wehr and Ferraro. In sharing their own stories with each other, they recognized universal themes common to us all, inspiring them to bring these stories to life in multi-sensory form.

In the Company of Ghosts resides at the intersection of actual experience, perceived memory, transformation and hope. Ferraro, diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 15 years ago, provides a personal glimpse into his altered reality, while Wehr reveals how challenge reigns as our greatest teacher. Both remind us, that regardless the obstacle along the way, acceptance, release, and triumph are indeed possible after all.


 “The attempt to find commonality in these two artists’ expressions can be seen as a representation of the struggles we all face—as individuals, a community, a nation, and a planet—to find common ground in an increasingly segregated and divisive atmosphere.” 

 Greg, audience member (workshop presentation)


“Radical vulnerability that surges forth into the souls of the audience. Frank and Adriennebravely convey the full spectrum of what it means to be human. They hold nothing back.”

 — Gina, audience member (workshop presentation)


“The work drew us, as the audience, from being simply the viewer—of a woman struggling and of a man with a degenerative disease—to actually inhabiting the experiences portrayed. The show was clever and subtle in inviting the audience to experience what was being represented.”

— Aimee, audience member (workshop presentation)